Sands Casino

It can be said that not every casino is created equal. And when it comes to the Sands Casino, there is much to be said and much to be compared. It’s hard to say that this casino is the best casino in the world, but it is also hard to deny that this casino is 5 star when it comes to certain amenities.

Sands offer visitors a place where fantasy isn’t just something you day dream about, it’s something that can become a reality. From Top of the line restaurants, to high end entertainment and casino games, Sands is a force to be reckoned with.


When it comes to the dining experience at Sands, there is much to be had. The options are vast, giving visitors the choice between fine dining, to casual dining.

The fine dining begins at the Emeril Chop House and ends with a palate of distinctive culinary creations. The elegant dining room gives an ambiance that no other restaurant can give. And due to it’s loyal fan base, Emeril’s Chop House can either be a laid back experience or an overwhelming one.

If you aren’t into the fine dining and want to experience a more laid back environment, you can opt to eat at St. James Gate Irish Pub or Emeril’s Italian Table. Of course there are over 8 different casual dining options giving Sand’s visitors a whole host of eatery’s to choose from.


There is no such thing as a casino without entertainment. Entertainment and casinos go hand in hand, and Sand’s hold true to this motto. Visitors can escape to the Sands Bethlehem Event center for live entertainment, or they can enter into the world of Steel Stacks, where contemporary performing arts is introduced. Visitors can experience dynamic music, comedy, cabaret, dance and other performing arts shows all year round.

The Vision bar is just what the name suggests and continues to be one of the highlights at the Sands. Casino visitors can be part of scheduled events, as well as part of the extraordinary night life. And when it comes to the nightlife at Sand’s, the options are far from being limited. Mingle with the crowd while you enjoy some of the hottest music and well made drinks.


No matter how many restaurants and clubs Sand’s offers, when it all boils down to it, it’s all about the casino itself. Gamblers can enjoy amazing poker rooms with some of the latest casino promotions. When it comes to slots, gamblers can choose between 3,000 different machines.

This alone gives visitors more than enough to do without running out of options. For the professional gamblers who want to gamble big, they can choose to hang out at the table games. Gamblers can choose from blackjack, craps, roulette and more.


With all the accessible games, comes a wide variety of promotions. Promotions   are great for players who spend a lot of their time at the casino. The early Bird special is for people who want to get extra perks that come with gambling. Sands offers different promotional offers every month, ranging from golden star collections, to early bird special offerings.

It’s pretty hard to say that Sands Casino isn’t worth checking out. If you enjoy the ambiance that casinos give off, then the Sand’s might just have you feeling like you are engaging in a whole different world.