Foxwoods Casino Resort

If your idea of a weekend getaway is one that is filled with a desire for fun and excitement, the most promising destination would be New Jersey’s Foxwoods Casino and Resort. The quest for having all your vacation needs met in one location is what this mecca has to offer all who enter its grounds.

Slot Machines

Whether you are the type of person that is happy to sit on the sidelines and watch the action, or you enjoy the thrill of the game, there are all kinds offered for both the spectator and the player. No casino would be complete without slot machines and so many will be found at this establishment, finding that special one will offer an additional challenge. For the card playing aficionado, there are numerous games being offered. While Black Jack and Baccarat are always popular there is nothing that can compare to the game of poker and its variations.


The new three card poker game is catching on quickly, while five and seven card stud can be found at many of the gaming tables. Of course, it would be remiss of us not to mention the most recognized game of renown, Texas Hold ‘Em. While the average player can try their expertise at the game of poker, this establishment is known for its tournaments that draw some of the world’s most famous and popular players. Just rooting for your favorite player to win that huge monetary prize is enough to make the time spent at the casino one you will never forget.

Fine Dining

When mealtime draws near, Foxwoods has an exemplary number of dining establishments all under one roof. There is a large number of cuisine styles offered from Italian, to mouth watering steaks, or a snack of soup and salad at its famous deli. Grab a quick snack or dine with candlelight while indulging in a sumptuous five course dinner prepared by a chef that is nothing less than stellar in his trade. You can even bring the children and their stay will be as exciting as yours with offered babysitting services including house amusements to make the stay of the younger set one that will they will delight in.

High Caliber Entertainers

Evenings at this famous resort offer entertainers of every caliber. From the cabaret style singing and dancing, to the masters of illusion, or the famous singer, there is little that this casino doesn’t offer. People will book far advance to get in to see the star of their choice so always be sure and keep up with the entertainment roster. Book early before tickets are completely sold out. It is not at all unusual for people to watch the entertainment offerings online and as soon as one to their liking appears they are quick to secure their seating for the event.


Promotions play an incredible role in the casino atmosphere. Someone has to win so it may as well be you. For first time visitors, every player gets free money for play just by signing up. Continued play amasses points that can even be used to purchase free gasoline for your car. A minimal 1 and 1/2 points will get you a dollar of free gas. It is easy to imagine how quickly you can fill up the tank. Later in the month of November there will be a drawing a for a brand new Cadillac. Five finalists will be drawn every half hour and from those five, one of them will go home with in a brand new car. Promotions change constantly and staying on top of the availability of items just may net you a top prize.

Wondering what to do this weekend? How about spending it at Foxwoods and taking in some friendly gambling, a moments relaxation at the spa, an evening of world famous entertainment, or perhaps a meal of the best quality. With so much to offer, you simply cannot lose.