Empire City Casino

The Empire City Casino, located in Yonkers, New York, is an average raceway casino. It has many pros such as the extensive selection of video slot machines as well as a few cons including the lack of free alcohol.

Casino Games

All the games at the Empire City Casino are electronic which means if you are looking for real table games then this is not the place for you. However, they have an excellent selection of penny slots as well as quarter slots and some video slots that cost up to $100. They actually have over 5,000 slot machines so there is always room for people to play without getting crowded. Electronic roulette, craps, sic-bo, and baccarat are also offered at the Empire. Overall, people tend to leave here breaking even or just slightly up or down due to the nature of the games so it isn’t ideal for big money but it is great for entertainment.

Overall Environment

When it comes to the overall environment of the casino, there is plenty of free parking and the bathrooms are sparkling clean with attendants. However, due to the nature of the casino being on the raceway, there are often a number of drunk patrons which can make some guests a bit uncomfortable. Unfortunately, drinks are not free here which is by far the biggest downside to the casino. It is not the kind of place that one would generally describe as being particularly classy but it works well for a fun night out with large groups of friends as there are plenty of options for games and dining.

Promotions and Specials

At the Empire, there is an Empire Club which offers a variety of special promotions to members including invitations to special events, some free play and free food offers, and mailings with additional promotions. A wide variety of merchandise rewards are also offered for the points won at the casino which can also be redeemed for food and drink at one of the dining establishments. Membership the Empire Club is free, which is a great benefit because it also includes a variety of discounts at nearby merchants as well as free valet parking.

Racing at the Empire City Casino

Aside from the games themselves, the only form of entertainment at the casino is racing. The races are held live five nights a week on the one mile track. They offer calendars, condition sheets, online wagering, and more. If you are looking for a casino that also offers regular horseracing then this is a fun place to spend the evening. The website offers helpful hints when it comes to betting on the races. Races can also be viewed online and the track has a rich history which makes it a great place to go while visiting but far from ideal for locals looking for a quality casino.

Dining Options

Since the Empire is at a raceway, there are tons of options for dining which is a major plus. Unfortunately, most of those options are either high in price or low in quality. There are enough options that you are bound to find a facility that works for you as there are food court and grab and go options along with two upscale restaurants and two casual bars/lounges for guests to enjoy. The following are dining facilities within the empire: Dan Rooney’s Café and Bar, Pinch, Nonno’s Trattoria, Empire Terrace Restaurant, and International Food Court.

Overall Review

In conclusion, the Empire is a great casino for those who are looking for a fun night out without major concern for a particularly classy environment. There are plenty of electronic casino games to play and a number of options for dining. It is an average New York casino with an upbeat environment.