Pennsylvania Senate Agrees to Take a Closer Look at Regulated Internet Gambling

Pennsylvania Senate Agrees to Take a Closer Look at Regulated Internet Gambling

December 9, 2013 ‐ adminPosted by ‐ Under: Casino News


Apparently moved by how things are shaping up with New Jersey’s recently launched Internet gambling industry, Pennsylvania lawmakers agreed to pass Senate Resolution 273. It is a motion put forward by Republican Senator and Senate Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, calling for a more comprehensive study of the present trends in gambling, and the viability of regulated Internet real-money gaming in the Keystone State.

Pennsylvania may have struck gold since the first of the six state-approved casinos began operations in 2006, but Senator Scarlatti wants to take a proactive stance in order to retain the state’s gambling revenues in its coffers. Out of the estimated $14 billion, gaming revenues realized by casino operators through the years, the government of Pennsylvania raked in as much as $8 billion from imposing a 55% tax rate.

In light of the currently waning casino profits that are already below the projected levels, the state legislators are aware that they are facing difficult times ahead once they get to deal with next year’s budget. After all, the neighboring States of Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and now New Jersey have expanded their respective gambling laws, in order to make their casino industry lucratively competitive.

Pennsylvania achieved success in legalizing casino gambling by first analyzing its possibilities and consequences; thus, the state lawmakers are taking the same route by agreeing to conduct a study that would provide answers to important questions. Democratic Senator and Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa from Allegheny, for one, wants to know the exact definition of online gambling, what it covers