Online Wagering Facilities in NJ Not a Threat at All, Says Borgata Chief Exec

Online Wagering Facilities in NJ Not a Threat at All, Says Borgata Chief Exec

January 11, 2014 ‐ adminPosted by ‐ Under: Casino News


New Jersey’s month-old Internet gambling market is seeing continuous growth, now with nearly 150,000 online accounts created across all state-confined gambling websites. The unceasing increase denotes that more and more casino gaming enthusiasts are exploring the economical benefits of dabbling in online casino games.

Rather than feel threatened by the perceived negative impact of online gambling on land-based casino operations, Borgata Chief Exec Tom Ballance has a different view altogether. In a recent interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, COO Ballance provided enlightenment on why the state’s online gambling offerings do not pose as a threat to the land-based casino industry.

Based on information gathered by their databases, he disclosed that most of the players engaged in online wagering activities at their sites have not visited Borgata’s casino for more than a year. He also voiced opinion about having more control over online customers, and deeper insight into their playing habits, when compared to those that frequent their land-based venues.

After all, every online player has to be properly identified as well as verified, before he or she can have access to a web-based betting facility. Moreover, by having information about an online customer’s gaming preferences, betting activities and playing history, online casino operators can enhance their customers’ playing experience as well as monitor adherence to responsible gaming.

The Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City is currently the leading Internet-based casino operator in NJ’s cloud-based gambling industry; offering both online casino games and virtual poker rooms through a platform shared with Bwin’s NJ Party Poker.