NJ’s Internet Gambling Soft-Play Kinks are on the Side of Caution

NJ’s Internet Gambling Soft-Play Kinks are on the Side of Caution

November 25, 2013 ‐ adminPosted by ‐ Under: Casino News


David Rebuck, the Director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is not too concerned with the geo-location and identity verification issues that cropped up during the launching of NJ’s Internet gambling soft play. After all, most of the glitches experienced by some invited players last Thursday were expected, which included not only site-access denials but also credit card rejections, Social Security number queries and requests for submission of utility bills.

Still, a greater number of players were able to register as members, deposit money in their casino account and get into the real money Internet games smoothly. Operators of the Atlantic City online casinos stated beforehand that they would rather risk errors related to taking precautions, rather than commit blunders that would permit unlawful gambling.

Matt Katz, CEO of CAMS LLC, reported that their system actually blocked login attempts of several online players traced as coming from 23 different U.S. states. This stands opposed to the basic condition that requires legal-aged players to be physically located in NJ.  CAMS LLC provides the age verification technology to Borgata Casino, noted as one of the NJ online wagering facilities in which players encountered a number of registration setbacks.

Nonetheless, the soft-play launch is proving to be as useful as intended, as this will give technology providers information about the adjustments they have to make. Although the decision to expand the access boundaries still depends on the terrestrial casino operators, the geo-location verification service providers have to come up with exact recommendations for boundary adjustments.

In spite of the kinks experienced, the general feedback received from players participating in New Jersey’s 5-day trial run is that they are confident that the glitches will eventually be straightened out.