About New Jersey Casinos

It has been a long battle to finally get online poker and online gambling back into New Jersey.  While we still have many more obstacles ahead, they will surely fall to the wayside as the US government no longer has a say in what our state can or can not do when it comes to online gambling.

New Jersey Casinos have made this great state a lot of money over the past 30 years and online casinos will help them make that big step over this financial crisis that we are currently in.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live in a state that can stand on its own two feet and not have to take charity handouts like some auto manufacturer.

If you feel the same way, then you are probably one of us that have supported the cause of online gambling in New Jersey Casinos from the start and this website is dedicated to you and all that you have done in helping us get further today than we were yesterday.

Top Atlantic City Casino Reviews

Atlantic City is a fast paced world filled with high stakes Casinos, high quality entertainment, fine dining, and world class resort amenities all located on the shoreline of New Jersey. It is widely known for being the premier Casino region on the eastern seaboard and one of the busiest Casino areas in the world.

Atlantic City is home to some of the most premier Casino companies. Some of the most well known Atlantic City Casinos are: Caesars Palace, The Tropicana, The Trump Taj Mahal, The Resorts Casino Hotel, Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, and Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. Each of the main Atlantic City Casinos offers guests a unique set of features and amenities, most are located right on the shore of Atlantic City. These Casinos are rated up to 5 stars for offering quality entertainment, accommodations, gambling, and resort amenities.

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is widely known as one of the most premier Casino brand names throughout the world, and their location in Atlantic City has an average rating of over 4 stars by their guests. The Casino is situated on the Atlantic City Boardwalk right along the beach area. It features over 20 Restaurants including the world famous Morton’s Steakhouse. They are a full line Casino and spa facility with Qua Baths and a full Spa. Their entertainment features a wide variety of world renowned Singers like The Blue Man Band, Variety shows Like Liza featuring a tribute to Liza Minnelli and others, they also feature top line Comedians, and musicians.

The Tropicana

The Tropicana is of course another premier name in Casino’s. Their location in Atlantic City features a full line Casino and world class dining facilities. They have a newer Quarter Entertainment Complex that has made them one of the most popular Casino’s in Atlantic City They have an Imax Theater and feature a wide array of Singers, Comedians, Boxing events. Their overall rating is just under 4 stars. the Casino Features over 20 dining establishments from fine dining to fast food.

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

The Borgata is well known as a premier newer Resort Hotel and Casino with 12 dining restaurants from fine dining to casual to choose from including the Bobby Flay Steakhouse. The Casino is rate over 4 stars out of 5. They are a full line Casino and feature entertainment from world renown entertainers like Johnny Mathis and others.

Trump Taj Mahal

This Casino is owned by Real Estate and Casino Mogul Donald Trump. The Casino and resort average over 4 stars in most reviews. This is a full line Casino that features 19 Restaurants both in the fine dining and casual dining categories. The Casino also features such class entertainers as Frankie Avalon and Neil Sedaka. In addition, there are a wide variety of boxing, ballet, musical and comedy events at the venues of the Casino.

Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

This is one of the Atlantic City Casinos that has been a staple of the city. It has 10 Restaurants, 6 lounges and a fully tropical indoor pool and spa area. Their entertainers are some of the music industries finest, from Kenny G, to Chaka Khan as well as comedies and other shows. One of the main events at the Harrah’s Casino is the World Series of Poker. The Harrah’s Resort and Casino offers full line Casino gambling and is rated over 4 stars for guest satisfaction.

Resort’s Casino Hotel

Is located in the heart of Atlantic City right on the Boardwalk. This Casino is one of the original Atlantic City Casinos and was previously owned by Merv Griffin. It features 8 Full dine in Restaurants from fine dining to casual and five fast food restaurants. It also has 5 lounges and many shops. Their entertainment features include such entertainers as Kenny Roger’s, and Louis Prima and his Orchestra. The venues host many events including musicians, comedians, and theatrical performances. Other featured events include high stakes Bingo and Slot Game competitions. This is a full line gambling Casino and has a rating just under 4 stars.